Academic and pastoral support

Training and study skills sessions can help you refine those skills, get higher grades from your assessments, as well as giving you valuable skills for the workplace when you graduate. From finding out how to make the most of our libraries, to gaining qualifications in Adobe software, or writing a top-class essay, our team can help you with every aspect of your studies.

Amity also provides a personal tutors system to enhance your learning experience and maximise your potential. 

Contact our team to book a training and study skills sessions or about any guidance.



If you are under financial stress or need advice on student financial services, we can help you:

  • Apply for scholarships and bursaries

  • Understand Money and Budgeting

  • Get debt advice

  •  Apply for hardship funds

  • Maximise your income from Funding Bodies, Charitable trusts, work.

  • Set up a payment plan

Get appointments to discuss financial related issues or further information by contacting us.

Counselling Service

The primary purpose of the student counselling service is to provide a free confidential/ professional counselling service to all students enrolled at Amity. The secondary objective of the service is to enhance and encourage the emotional well-being and mental health of our students and those who support them.

Amity also provides support for International students who are having issues settling into life in the UK.

For further information Contact us.