Research centres and networks

Our research centres have been created to address global challenges facing society, today and in the future. They are often interdisciplinary with external collaboration from industrial ties.

Research capability at Amity is provided by the engagement of experienced academics, excellent facilities, industrial ties and our partnership with the University of Bolton. Most researchers are multidisciplinary participating in various research areas.

These Research Centres are strengthened by publications, teaching and PhD supervision. Research areas at Amity University [IN] London focus on finance and management, international business and management and education.

Finance and management

Regardless of what Brexit holds for the UK and EU economies there is wide agreement that London will retain its status as a major centre for international finance for the world of business and investment.

Here at Amity we are perfectly positioned to develop financial theories and concepts due to our central London location, our strong links with financial institutions on mainland Europe and academic links internationally.

To focus our activities and aspirations we are creating a Centre for Finance to allow academics, researchers and practitioners a forum to share and extend knowledge and understanding of international finance practice. At out heart we have 7 senior financiers who are studying for their PhD's in Finance, they work in a range of major international financial institutions such as Deutsch Bank, UBS and one of the top 4 International Management consultants.

Over the next few years we aspire for the Amity name to become prominent amongst academic and practitioner publications and to engage in meaningful research across the disciplines we label as finance. By 2018/19 we intend to publish our own academic journal and are currently seeking members to join our academic board.

If you would like to know more about our plans, wish to explore PhD opportunities or feel you can help us please contact us at or come and see our inaugural chair, Dr John Webb.

International business and management

Research in this area is focused on the followings topics: project management, Risk Management country risk, credit risk, SME market risk, commodity risk, Performance management, Sustainable development, Operations Management & supply chains, Marketing & customer behaviour, Corporate governance & social responsibility, Foreign Direct Investment (impact of new technologies on global business, entrepreneurship in developing countries).


Research focuses on examining the relationships between education and economic equality and sustainability. Rising global inequality and deteriorating environmental and climate conditions are two of, if not the two, greatest threats facing the world today. Within this context there are a range of stakeholders including businesses and organisations. There are gaps in how we understand the interface between these stakeholders, such threats and education. The Centre undertakes a comprehensive agenda of research which has a particular concentration on this interface. This agenda includes doctoral research support, production of papers for peer reviewed publication and a significant level of policy relevance in the nature of the outputs. The Centre will draw upon a range of theoretical schools to orientate its work and also include both qualitative and quantitative research work.

The specific research outputs produced will evolve as the Centre establishes its portfolio in the first year of operation but the specific themes addressed in the exploration of this interface include:

  • Understanding disruptive educational models;

  • Examining how corporate education strategies approach sustainability;

  • Establishing the extent to which educational innovation can contribute to reducing economic inequality;

  • Exploring who can and should deliver sustainable education