Research projects

Widening employment diversity in the NHS

Commissioned by Health Education England (HEE), a research that looks at the strategic engagement in their widening participation work in the NHS. Since 2014 HEE have been taking forward a programme of work to extend participation in employment in the NHS to those from a more diverse set of backgrounds and support progression through the service for such groups. The research project consulted with over 100 stakeholders including over 60 NHS Trusts. The final report including a 10 point plan to extend strategic engagement with widening participation in the NHS will be released in Autumn 2018.

Higher education admission

Supported by the University College Union (UCU) a research that looks at how admission to higher education (HE) differs across the world. It is centred around a survey of 30 countries across the world looking at the ways in which HE admission is organised, and includes case studies of countries where innovations in admission are being undertaken. The final report shows that England and Wales are the only countries in the survey where students receive offers of a HE place on the basis of their predicted grades. It argues that there is a need to review how the current HE admission system works to ensure it is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Internationalistion of Higher Education in Southeast Asia

Supported by the British Council, a research project conducted with Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, examines internationalisation in HE in the Southeast Asian region. It is a detailed examination of the policy structures in 10 countries using the ‘global gauge’ framework developed by the British Council. The report looks at how policies support student and academic mobility, quality assurance and trans-national partnerships. It points to the importance of internationalisation of HE to the region and the emergence of an ‘ASEAN-centric approach’ in this area.