Study abroad

Study Abroad at Amity University [IN] London

Discover why so many students make Amity their first choice for study and the experience of London life. We currently welcome over 400 Study Abroad and Exchange students to our community every year. Enjoy world class teaching and broaden your horizons, whilst soaking up British culture. Right in the heart of London, this modern university benefits from its historical location and diverse cultural heritage. London’s status as a capital of global industry and business provides great opportunities for learning and access to many dynamic and prestigious companies in this capital city.

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad allows students to immerse themselves in a different culture as well as providing the platform to develop and grow as an individual. The exposure to a new language and way of living provides students with the opportunity to develop key life skills that will enhance their career prospects as well as providing an unforgettable life experience. Students also have the luxury of exploring London! Studying in a city that is rich in culture, history and traditions will give students a unique experience of British culture. Wimbledon, Regent Park’s open air theatre and Europe’s largest street party (Carnival) are just some of the many events this summer.

Student Testimonials

Vivian Paiva – MSc Management said “Studying at Amity has been a good experience for me as an international student. The school offers an excellent academic infrastructure and a brilliant team of professors. I definitely recommend Amity for business studies.”

Daniel Webb – MBA said “Amity London provides an excellent environment in which to study. Student learning and satisfaction is very much the focus of this organisation.”

Sahil Kohli – BA (Hons) Business Management said “My course has helped me in better understanding various aspects relating to business. The teaching staff here are excellent and help in practical application, using real life examples. I would highly recommend Amity London to students who wish to pursue a career in business.”

How to Apply

We will require the following:

1.      Completed application form (Click here to download the form)

2.      Copy of full passport

3.      2 passport sized photographs

4.      Proof of school enrolment as provided by your current place of study

5.     Proof of payment for your tuition fee

6.      Copy of your academic credentials

7.      Proof of proficiency in English

8.     Proof of maintenance funds as required by the UKVI


Our facilities are spread over 2 sites in the Bloomsbury district of central London. Bloomsbury is the academic heart of London, long associated with education. Not only is Bloomsbury home to the British Museum and many of the Schools and Colleges of the University of London, but the first higher education establishment in Britain, Bedford College, was founded in Bedford Square where Amity is based. Amity House itself is a beautiful Georgian building at number 24 on this historic Square and serves as the point of contact for students and the School, housing all administrative and student support services.

Fees and Accommodation

Summer school students are provided with some of the most stylish studios and twin studios in London. The properties have free on-site gyms. The local areas also have a lot to offer and offer a great sense of community! From restaurants, bakeries and delicatessens to bars and nightclubs – so there is a lot to do without having to travel far at all.

Each studio comes with a spacious, wonderfully decorated en-suite bathroom and a lovely kitchen equipped with an oven, fridge-freezer, sink and hob. There’s also a large flat-screen TV in every room and underfloor heating. A large common room is the perfect place to socialise with friends, study or watch TV. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and comes at no extra charge.

Specifics may very. Further accommodation information can be offered during the application process.

Full Price with accommodation - £2,400

Full Price without accommodation - £1,800


This year, due to the success and high demand of the programme, we will be running summer schools between June and August.

5th June 2018 – 23rd June 2018

3rd July 2018 – 21st July 2018

7th August 2018 – 25th August 2018

Each programme runs for 3 weeks (include details such as the number of contact hours, methods of teaching and information on whether there are assessments/coursework) and comprises world class teaching that is guaranteed to challenge and inspire. Class-based learning and cultural trips will provide students with the opportunity to improve their English language skills and explore famous British tourist hotspots.


The modules available include:

1.      Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2.      British Culture

3.      International Business

4.      Cross Culture

You will immediately notice that the emphasis is on in-depth understanding and analysis rather than on memorising data by rote. Great use is made of case studies and class discussions, with the aim of producing students who learn independently outside the classroom by using what they have learnt in it.