Tier 4 student responsibilities 2018-19

Below are the responsibilities you would have as a student with a Tier 4 visa. It is important that you read these and fully understand them all. If you have any questions or do not understand any point you must seek clarification from the Compliance Unit.

  • Enrol and re-enrol each academic year with the University during the enrolment/re-enrolment period. Students who have been granted Tier 4 leave and who do not enrol/re-enrol will be reported to the UKVI.

  • Allow the University to take a copy of your current valid passport and visa/UK ID card at enrolments/re-enrolments and during the Tier 4 census checks.

  • If your passport and/or visa is updated or renewed during your studies present this to the Compliance Unit.

  • Ensure the University has your correct contact details.

  • Attend teaching sessions regularly and notify or request permission from your academic tutor for any absences. Students who fail to meet the requirements for attendance will be reported to the UKVI.

  • Inform the University immediately if you decide that you need to defer or suspend your studies or withdraw from your course (you are also strongly advised to find out how doing so will affect your immigration status as you are likely to need to leave the UK in such circumstances).

  • Return home if you defer or suspend your studies, withdraw from your course or your course is terminated. Students who are no longer studying will be reported to the UKVI.

  • Ensure that you continue to retain a valid visa by extending or applying for a new visa before your current visa expires.

  • Ensure that you do not breach the conditions of your visa during your stay in the UK - this includes ensuring that you do not work at all in the UK during your studies.

  • Registiring with the police if required.