Our facilities are spread over 3 sites, all within a five-minute walk of each other, in the Bloomsbury district of central London. Bloomsbury is the academic heart of London, long associated with education. Not only is Bloomsbury home to the British Museum and many of the schools and colleges of the University of London, but the first female higher education establishment in Britain, Bedford college, was founded in Bedford square where Amity is based. Amity House itself is a beautiful Georgian building at number 24 on this historic square and serves as the point of contact for students, housing all administrative and student-support services.


All lectures and seminars are held at the University of London's Birkbeck College, on nearby Malet Street. Birkbeck's state-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal modern learning environment, offering classrooms and lecture theatres equipped with Wi-Fi internet access and the latest audio-visual teaching aids. And if you're in need of refreshment after your class you can take a break in the on-site bar and café.

Computer labs

Students have full access to the computer labs and services at Birkbeck College, with PCs, printers and scanners for their use. These services are provided free to all students, with the exception that consumables such as printing are charged at a low cost.


Libraries are a key resource in studying for any degree and at Amity students are assured the best possible choice, with membership of up to three first-class facilities.

Birkbeck College library

Birkbeck College has its own modern five-storey library, well maintained with computers and wireless internet access for personal devices. By adding credit to an account, members can also make use of photocopying facilities and printers which are both Wi-Fi and e-mail compatible.

Senate House library

Next door to Birkbeck College is the Senate House Library. With 3 million volumes over 15 floors, the library constitutes the largest part of the University of London's Research Library Services and is one of the most respected in Britain. As well as being a valuable research facility, the library is a well-appointed quiet environment where students can go to get on with their individual studies free from distraction.

University of Bolton digital library

Amity research students enrolled on University of Bolton programmes have access to the university's library to supplement the resources provided by Amity. This includes relevant e-books, online business journals and past exam papers. The digital library also has a wealth of other resources such as referencing guidelines and academic and employability advice, which altogether serve to make it a most useful tool.