Student feedback

Student feedback has a large influence on decision making at Amity and there are various mechanisms in which students can make their voice heard. 

We appreciate the contribution that students can make to improving our learning and teaching provision and encourage students to be involved as much as possible. You are always welcome to discuss any aspect of your experience with Amity staff and there are a range of ways of providing formal feedback.

Module and course evaluations

These take place at the end of your modules and course. They are either in paper or electronic format and give you the opportunity to provide general and specific feedback about your experience.

Academic reps

The academic rep's role is to provide feedback to the department on any aspect of your course. They also provide a useful contact point for staff in communicating with students. Full details on becoming a course representative can be found on the Amity Learning Environment Moodle. You will be contacted early in semester one about becoming an academic rep and soon after will receive information on the contact details for the reps for your course.

Staff/Student Committee

Our Student/Staff Committee meets once a semester. The committee is made up of key members of staff and the academic reps. This is the more formal way in which you can give feedback to staff and discuss teaching and learning issues.

University committees

Students participate in various University Committees to ensure that student opinion is considered.


Developments as a result of your feedback are posted on Amity Moodle/Student Corner. This page contains a summary of recent student feedback and any action points. The information is largely gathered from the Student/Staff Committee meetings, module and course evaluations, and directly through your academic reps. If you wish to comment on any existing content or add any new feedback please contact your academic reps.

The feedback loop is completed with the Annual Student Feedback Report which integrates student opinion and recommends future enhancements based on students views.