Student finance

We strive to keep down the cost of all our programmes, however, whether in work or not, many students require financial support in order to fund their studies. Outlined here is information on sources of funding which may help.

Student loans

Student loans are available to students studying for an undergraduate degree for the first time.

There are two types of student loan available, the tuition fee loan and the maintenance loan (which helps with living costs such as accommodation, transport and food) as the following video from Student Finance England explains.

You may apply for only a tuition fee loan, of for both tuition fee and maintenance loans, though do be aware that these loans have different eligibility criteria.

Tuition fee loan

To be eligible, you must have been resident in the UK, EU, EEA or Switzerland for the three years before starting your course. This loan covers the entirety of a student’s tuition fee.

Maintenance loan

To be eligible, you must have been resident in the UK for five years or more before your course starts. This loan amount varies according to household income.

How to apply

Student finance is covered by a different government agency in each nation of the UK. It is therefore necessary to apply through the agency that oversees students from your place of residence:

The Student Room’s Student Finance Zone offers lots of additional information and guidance on applying for loans.


The Atul Chauhan Scholarship is awarded from a limited fund to high achieving students in the form of a reduction in their tuition fees. We welcome scholarship applications from all students and applicants are assessed purely on their academic ability.

Decisions on scholarship awards are made in conjunction with admission offers. This means that applicants know whether they should receive a scholarship before having to decide whether to accept the offer of a place on a course.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete a scholarship form and submit it alongside your application to study at Amity.


Bursaries are awarded with the aim of broadening access to higher education by providing financial assistance to students who are less able to afford the cost of studying. A bursary may cover a percentage or the entirety of a student's tuition fee, although the cost of living is not covered and must be met by the student themselves.

Bursaries are awarded at the beginning of each term and applications may be submitted at any time, though they are never awarded retrospectively, only to cover a period of study yet to come.

In order to apply, please complete and submit a bursary form. The questions on the form are designed to establish applicants' financial circumstances as clearly as possible and, to this end, we do ask for documentary evidence in support of applications.