Working in partnership with the Industry

Working with Amity University [IN] London is very rewarding. Our professional academics and enthusiastic students provide many opportunities for collaborative projects, benefiting your organisation, and helping to make a difference to society.

We encourage leaders from all business sectors to work with us. Opportunities to engage with our students and graduates include hosting a student project, providing an internship, meeting students on campus by delivering a guest lecture, and recruiting our talented alumni into your organisation. Our world-leading academics can provide you with expert knowledge and access to resources, to help you find solutions to your business issues, and collaborate on real impactful research.

Hosting a student project

Each year our MBA students undertake a research project, as part of their dissertation. A MBA student project carries out their research dissertation project, as part of their studies, within an organizational setting. Students can work with your company on a particular issue or challenge set by you as the host organization, and guided by us, for a period of around three to four months.

If you are interested in hosting a student project, please contact us.

Provide a student placement

A student placement is when a student takes employment in a job role (usually paid) during their study time at Amity. There are different types of placement opportunities to suit your business need. This can be during the summer in between their study years at undergraduate level, a year-long placement in industry in between study years at undergraduate level, immediately after their degree at postgraduate level, or working hours can be spread over a period of a few months during the student's programme.

Amity actively encourages our home students across all years to enhance their employability potential, by gaining employment experience, before they graduate. A student placement is when a student takes employment in a job role (usually paid), during their study time at Amity.

On campus activities

Engaging with students on campus is a great way for you to expose your organisation to our students, and for you to speak to and get to know your potential future employees. It also provides opportunities for students to ask questions and find out more about their career interests from a range of different organizations. Ways of engaging directly with Amity students include: guest lectures on a module for postgraduate or undergraduate levels, participation of organisations in the career skills workshops or advertising a vacancy within your organisation at the university.

Working with our academics to solve your problems

Our academics work on complex multi-disciplinary issues across all areas of business, focusing on the themes of: Sustainability, Accounting and Finance, Enterprise, Marketing, Work Psychology, Logistics, and Employment Relations. Find out more about specialist research and consultancy resources that can help you find the best solution for your organization by contacting us and leaving your details.