Amity has a well-established and defined governance structure to ensure that decisions made by the institution are accountable and take account of the views of a diversity of stakeholders.

The Amity Governing Body is the highest governing authority at Amity with ultimate responsibility for all the institution’s affairs. The Governing Body comprises of individuals who have significant experience at senior level within the higher education sector and within industry. It is responsible for overseeing the University’s activities, determining future strategy and harboring an environment in which the institutional mission can be achieved.

There are clear reporting mechanisms between the Governing Body and its sub-committees which are illustrated in the University Academic Governance Diagram. There are a variety of Amity committees with clear responsibilities for defined aspects of the institution including the Academic Board, Academic Development Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Quality Review and Assurance Committee, Admissions Committee, Marketing Advisory Committee, Research Committee and Student Services Committee.

Student participation is a vital element of various Amity committees. Amity students are members of not only the Student Committee but various Amity Committees.

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